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Barbershop Boy Among Men

At the end of my high school year I knew that my opportunities for choir and theatre productions would be slim in the future.  I love performing and I didn’t want to lose the talent I have worked so hard on.  So near the end of my senior year I looked into joining a professional Men’s  barbershop chorus… 

It wasn’t until the summer after my high school graduation that I went to my first barbershop practice.  I was welcomed into the Saltaires chorus by a warm welcome and many strong tags!    Since my first practice with the Saltaires chorus I am hooked.  I am the youngest in the group and only a few months after my first practice I was invited to perform with them at the Assembly Hall on Temple Square in Salt Lake City.  The sound on that stage is amazing and in true Saltaires fashion we put on a phenomenal show!!!

After my first nerve racking performance, I quickly became an official member of the Saltaires chorus through the Barbershop Harmony Society.  I love going every Thursday, and lately some Saturdays, to Salt Lake to practice our repertoire of songs for an upcoming show or competition. 

 Right now we are working really hard on our Spring Show entitled “It’s a Great Day!”  Not only will we be performing our songs, but we have two other quartets performing with us.  Crossroads and Bounce!  Three high quality shows in one!  Our Show will be on May 21.  There two performances at 2:00 and at 7:30.  Tickets are available at http://www.brownpaperticke ts.com/event/164462.

Please let me know if you have any questions about our performance by commenting with the link below.  If you have a passion for singing and performing and you live around the Salt Lake City area, our Chorus is always looking for highly talented singers! 



Spring into optimism-Reality Farmville

I know a lot of people like spring, but lets just set this on the table…I like spring.  There must be a reason why I like spring and it may be because I finally can wear shorts.  Nothing like a good pair of shorts and the sun shining.  I really like the spring because I can grow my garden.  Yes,I like growing a garden.  Lets just pretend that I am “acting out” my farmville.  I really really like spring because everyone can finally smile again.  Girls don’t have to worry about their hair getting soiled and guys don’t have to hear about it.[ right?  :-)]  I love spring because kitty cats come out again…what..eh..thats sick…anyways…

What do you like about spring?  What would you recommend that I plant in my interpretation of “Reality FarmVille”?

Snow Creature Tradition

When the snow comes down, we pack it up.  My family has had a tradition for many years and it all started a few years ago with a huge snowstorm. 

The family all decided, spur of the moment, to go outside and play in the fresh “packing” snow that had been coming down for the past couple hours leaving a perfect element for our creation!

Every year when were were young, we made some sort of “snow cave” or “fort”…now that we are older we have revamped our imiginations with some inspiration. 

Inspired by Calvin & Hobbes, we decided to create some of our own snow creations…

We started with “The Man on the Toilet”…Don’t ask why, it just happened to look like George Washington on a toilet so that is what we made it into.  Next would be the “Dum Dum Easter Island statue”, a “Sleeping Dragon” that we failed to get a picture of, the “Snow Sphynx”, and my very favorite creature…

“Protect the President” the snow creature we made on Presidents Day in the middle of the road complete with “Snow Cones” for traffic control. 🙂 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What is your favorite Creature?  Any ideas for next year?

College Bound or Bounded to Home: Blessing or Burden?


Months before graduation my best friend, Parker Norris, and I were taking about college and how we’re going to finally move out and be roommates. We wanted to meet a lot of girls…and cool guys, live on or next to campus, and have the total college experience everyone dreams about…oh and go to school. 🙂

Our WHS Graduation comes and the senior party goes and goes! Then summer, and our plans changed…

We were both so excited to move out, and we thought we would be set wherever we moved to.  We had the on campus housing information ready to fill out and submit, and we had connections with some close to campus housing that we had connections with.

 We weighed our options and decided to live at home.  Parker and I are going to be leaving on LDS missions the summer after our freshman year and to save money for our missions we decided to live at home…

Here are my Glad and Sad reasons about living at home with my family instead of moving out. 

Glad: I have saved thousands of dollars by not having a monthly rent or semester fees. I always have food in my fridge and I bring food from home for lunch.  I have the opportunity to hang out with my 3 brothers and my amazing parents and when home is funnier than any YouTube video, why move out?

My friends (Sydnee, Kellie, Brent) that live here at WSU love living on campus, but they can’t wait to get home to see their family!  I see my family everyday and get to spend part of my weekends partying with my family and my friends!

Sad:  I have to drive to school every day and that gets really old.  All my friends that live on campus tell me stories about how fun it is and the hilarious experiences that go with living with roommates, like how some of my friend’s dorm friends froze her car to the street :-).  They are always so close to campus activities and they have almost no travel time to get to classes on campus.  I have to go so much more out of my way to be social.  Say you were a out-of-state student, you would have no problem making friends and having a great social life.  Living at home takes the ease of social life on campus.

 Overall, I am glad that I am living at home this semester.  I really enjoy my family and we have some very fun times I wouldn’t trade for anything!  However, when we get back from our missions we are planning to rent on or off campus with our friend Joseph and Party Party Party…oh and go to school. 🙂 

Would you live on campus, off campus, or at home?  What do you like about living on campus, off campus, or at home?

Free Application for Federal Student Aid…FAFSA Frenzy

2/25/10 Subtitle:”The Frenzy”

I started my frenzy at a funeral.  The funeral was for our family friends Grandmother.  The service was very peaceful and I was grateful for the opportunity I had to sing at it with my family.  Following the funeral, and still dressed up in my nice clothes I went and got my picture taken to submit to the LDS Church Office along with my LDS mission papers.  Wish me luck! Following my pictures I went to a voice lesson and worked with my student teacher.

Here is where the true frenzy begins. 

During my voice lesson I was still in my suit from the services this morning.  I quickly went to the bathroom to change.  As I was leaving the bathroom, my nose played Moses and parted the red sea. “Not again!”

My nose would not stop bleeding and I needed to get to work at the Weber State Davis Campus to help students and the community fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

I did the only thing I could and clogged it with TP.  In my car I looked at my directions to campus and was on my way.  My nose would not stop its madness so I had to refill.  While doing so I missed my exit, freaked out, and lost my way in South Weber. The only way I got out of my mess was by calling Sky King, my Friend and Advisor.  He guided me to safety at the campus.

Finally at the school I thought I had it made.  I was five minutes early, ready to go, and…now lost.  The room we were assigned to was being used by tax advisors and the room I was told to go to had NUAMES parent teacher conf. in them.

Jokes on me…The tax people were doubled in the room with those helping with the FAFSA.  After fifteen minutes of running around I got to where I needed to be and I started helping those who had questions with their FAFSA.  What a Frenzy Friday!

Have you filled out your FAFSA? Let me know if you have any questions about it.  I am no professional but, if you have any general questions feel free to comment. For more serious questions call FAFSA at 1.866.514.8938

Skipping Class For Marinated Chicken

Sitting in the Ambassador office eating my Homemade orange marmalade marinated chicken complete with twice baked rosemary garlic potatoes was my excuse for skipping class. I figured, I would eat my gourmet meal and study for that class anyways.

What I was forgetting is that we usually have a pop quiz on or near our review days and we have an assignment due at the end of the review lecture. The review was even on Memory…Jokes on me.

Halfway through my dish, I got a text from a friend saying I had missed the easiest “pop quiz” ever- Quiz question #1-put your name on this paper and say, “I get 5 extra points”.) NOOOOO my mind screamed in frustration while looking at my book, and there was my assignment…DOUBLE NOOOOO! How could I have forgotten?

I packed up in a flash and i was in class in no turning in my assignment and, luckily, completing the “pop quiz” for 5 extra points before the end of class.

Sometimes you may think it would be a good idea to skip class but, you never know what you are missing when you are caught up dreaming about your orange marmalade marinated chicken complete with twice baked rosemary garlic potatoes.

Tell me your story of the worst/funniest experience you had because you skipped class? Are you one that gets away with it or, like me, never can successfully do it?

FREE Food at WSU…and Other Stomach Stuffers!

ATTENTION ALL WSU STUDENTS:  It should be known around Weber State campus that there is FREE soup and rolls sponsored by the Clubs and Organizations, provided by Sodexo.  The FREE soup and rolls started to simulate a bread and soup bowl line to raise awareness for Weber Cares. 

The first time I had the FREE soup I was watching a professional pool shark showing off some of his crazy shots.  Everyone hoaraded around the pool table until the soup was ready…then like your little sisters soccer team headed over to the FREE soup and rolls and once the ball was kicked back to the table buzzed there and watched the pool shark destroy every opponent.

The FREE sponsored soup and rolls happens around the 25th in every month(Spring ’11 is the 22nd of every month) around 11 in the Shepard Union Building Atrium(front of starbucks).  So on Feb 25, March 25, etc. there will be FREE soup and rolls!  After the bread and soup bowl line our clubs and organizations are there to inform students about upcoming activities and events.

F.F.F.I.F.W.S.U.S. (Fantastic Frugal Food Ideas For Weber State University Students)

#1-Street Taco Wednesday-2 tacos for $1 every Wednesday at the vendors on Washington & 26th St. in Ogden.  Illistrated in the picture below is me and my bros getting our T.T.T.T.T.T.W.(Thanksgiving Ten Turbo Two Times Taco…Wednesday) 
#2-Institute lunch-Every Thurs. @ 11:45 $2 Lunch…They also do FREE snacks inside all the time(PB&J, hot dogs, etc.)#3-Home Lunch-Personal favorite…If you need any ideas I bring the best home lunches! Just call (801)626-6050 and ask Laura!

Help me out and post your favorite place to eat around campus, fav FREE food event campus provides, and please PLEASE tell me what your favorite home lunch is…I bring one almost everyday!!!

Christina Aguilera: The Anthem Terrorist

I was so excited to see the Superbowl.  I had my whole family around me and a plan of attack for an ultimate snack.  That excitement soon was drowned by the national anthem by Christina Aguilera.  All plans of attack for the ultimate snack were consumed by my dry heaving.  I have never heard the National Anthem sung with so much disrespect and, to top it off she forgot the words that come unconsciously to many Americans and their dog “Uncle Sam”.  I hate to dis but, you don’t dis-respect the National Anthem Especially on the most viewed television event of the year. I hope those who choose the “entertainer” for next years Superbowl cho0se someone who can sing and has a little more respect for the National Anthem.

Watch the following clip to see for yourself! (Take notice of Brandon Jackson #32, Mike McCarthy Packer’s Coach, and the soldiers following the mess up at :51 and the ending…is she even singing?)

What got me all roiled up about this is the fact that I am going to be singing the National Anthem at Weber State tonight, February 10, 2011, for a Men’s basketball game and on February 12, 2011 for the Women’s basketball game.  Nerves happen and people forget the words but, I promise that tonight and on Saturday that I will show respect for the National Anthem and the flag.  GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

What do you think about Christina Aguilera’s version of the national anthem?  Do you think it was an act from”The Anthem Terrorist” or Christina Aguilera entertaining her best for the biggest television event of the year?

Snowmobile Drag Racing & Human Dog Sledding…All on Ogden’s Historic 25th St.

There is just something powerful about seeing 3 feet of snow running down historic 25th street.  That feeling just proves that Ogden is AMAZING!  I love living here!  The three feet of snow was brought in by the truck load for Ogden WinterFest!  The event included human sled dog racing, snowmobile drag racing, dog costume contest, Ski Joring, and so much more!

Winterfest is an up and coming event for Ogden.  This is the first year I attended and there are plans for bigger and better events in the future!

What are some of your favorite city festivals?  Any ideas for future events for Weber State or Ogden?

Ogden police blimp is batmans new ride, The Batmoblimp

It is not like me to be hanging out with my friends at 3 in the morning in the middle of Ogden city,but just in case, I know someone… or something has got my back. And no it is not JUST batman, It is a blimp..The Batmoblimp.

Ogden city police department is developing the first unmanned blimp in the nation used by a police force in crime prevention. Yes our very own OPD is getting a police blimp to watch over Ogden and Weber State students are the ones building it! Like my main man Bruce Wayne, the blimp will patrol the night from about midnight to five scouring the city for menacing villains.  The blimp is 52-foot-long and 4-foot in diameter.  It is equiped with a camera and can “chase” people at speeds of 40 mph. Bad guys beware!  Some people are worried that the batmoblimp is an invasion of privacy.  Personally, I think if you need privacy outside at that time of the night, we’ve got some problems we need to assess, handle, and overcome. 

Do you think it is an invasion of privacy or a sweet new high-tech way of catching/preventing crime?  Do you, like me, think that the official name of the OPD blimp should be Batmoblimp? Let me know what you think!

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